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The blue Smurf’s village – Juzcar

Juzcar from the air – drone image

The Smurfs village

The Village of the Smurfs. … Juzcar, one of the small villages located in the beautiful, scenic Valle del Genal in the Serrania de Ronda, is the first ever ´smurf town´ in the world, since June 2011. The transformation of this town is owed to the fact that every single building here was painted blue: houses, the Church, the cemetery and the Town Hall, to embrace the premiere of the World well known film – The Smurfs 3D.
( source: Andalusia.com )

In the summer time as well the village is a paradise for kids with wide range of adventures, slip ropes, climbing walls, mini suspension bridges, etc. The local food right after the 3D Papa Smurf  is a traditional Spanish – Andalusian home made daily foods. The Genal valley is a perfect tracking place from the spring time too.