Property management

  • Do you have a property in Ronda or nearby?
  • Do you want to earn money with short term tourist rental?
  • Don't you have time, ability or proper knowledge how to put your property on work?
  • Do you know with short term rental business you can have much more income than long term?
  • Do you know in short term rental your property condition's could keep almost 100 % same level.

The solution for you we recommend:

Holiday rental property management service

Professional, fast, perfect solution

About Property Management:

Ronda Property Management offers you as a homeowner a comprehensive full property management program in for your apartments, which includes all tasks and work required to completely control and manage your property as well as monitoring of the guests.

The full property management  program is targeted to homeowners who have one or more properties and wish to give them a touristic use, and due to their work or other activities, they have no time to attend or to manage their property and require the help of a full property management company based

Ronda Property Management helps property owners  with the main goal of helping them maximize the occupancy of their apartments without having to give away their current job or activities.


How we work?

24/7 support

We handle all guest contact (in 3 languages), from the reservation request to the final review. Our fast response time improves your listing’s search placement and ensures more bookings.guest contact


Managing and synchronize different sales channels

On behalf of the owner of the property, as a property manager we manage the sales and the sales channels. The service includes the synchronize between the channels, keep up to date the information’s, and follow up the guest payments too.

Welcome service, check – in check – out processing

We warmly welcome guests, and adapt to fit in with their arrival time. We exchange keys, tour the property, answer questions, and offer a personalized tourist information service.

We also process the guest registration’s for the authorities

Professional cleaning , laundry

We coordinate cleaning between bookings through our team of housekeeping with extensive experience.

Property maintenance

We are working to make sure your property is kept in an excellent state in good conditions, making sure that guests and you as an owner enjoy a perfectly maintained apartment.

Dynamic pricing

We help you earn more using a dynamic pricing model, based on the market, similar listings, season and local events in the city.

Advisory service

Together with our external partners, we offer guidance with any concern you might have: from registering your property, finding a house, to renovation and interior design.




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