Photo gallery

Used to make drone photos around Ronda… ( and videos too, the video gallery’s construction is under process – editor orgy. )

21.5.2019 Setenil the Cave Village ( 18 km to Ronda )

26.1.2019 Calle Sevilla luxury apartment panorama album ( photos can view in 360 Holiday apartments/360  menu )

26.1.2019 Manilva Playa SPA Resort panorama photo album ( photos can view in 360 Holiday apartments/360  menu )

25/12/2018 >> Happy new year’s lights in Calle Sevilla apartments..


One of the first drone photo we made here, at about the sunset of the north side of the bridge.


11/11/2018 The old bridge behind the Puente Nuevo



3/11/2018 Ronda North, toward the Puente Nuevo



17/10/2018 Acinipo Ronda, roman theatre from the VI-VII. century BC


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