Semana Santa 2019 Ronda

All over the christian World prior week of the Easter is a grand holiday. Beginning just the prior Sunday, in spanish “Domingo Ramos”. The traditions used to change in different countries, even more stunning event may seen in Spain and Andalusia. There is very spectacular marches days and nights. The original tradition dated anno the time of inquisition the every days procession  by the different catholic community. This processions are talking about the repentances and expiations. Duration of the marches taken from the churches the very heavy relics.

Those who wear hoods and shrouds are accompanied by reprisals with relics every day, with another throne, accompanied by an orchestra composed mainly of winds and drummers, playing painful ecclesiastical music.

Most of the thrones are heavy, ornate, with some carrying up to 50 people.

On the streets, there is a great deal of preparation, along the path of the procession, there are stands, the balconies are covered with red drapes.

Usually, the larger number of roundabouts are the nights when the temple leaves the church in the early afternoon and arrives back at dawn or the next morning (entrada). The whole city participates in the tours (small children are also active participants)

The events of Semana Santa are confusing in their effect and attract a lot of interest through their specialty.