The blue Smurf’s village – Juzcar

Juzcar from the air – drone image

The Smurfs village

The Village of the Smurfs. … Juzcar, one of the small villages located in the beautiful, scenic Valle del Genal in the Serrania de Ronda, is the first ever ´smurf town´ in the world, since June 2011. The transformation of this town is owed to the fact that every single building here was painted blue: houses, the Church, the cemetery and the Town Hall, to embrace the premiere of the World well known film – The Smurfs 3D.
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In the summer time as well the village is a paradise for kids with wide range of adventures, slip ropes, climbing walls, mini suspension bridges, etc. The local food right after the 3D Papa Smurf  is a traditional Spanish – Andalusian home made daily foods. The Genal valley is a perfect tracking place from the spring time too.


360 image about the apartments

We are pleased to announce our new technical feature. You can find 360 images about the apartments, in the Holiday apartments/360 images MENU. You can use your mouse to drag or move the image, walk around the flat virtually.  Sample is here below.

This is the saloon of the Manilva Playa SPA & Resort’s apartment.
We will publish images about the apartments soon.

Cabalgata Ronda, 2019


Collecting candy's

You may not really able to understand what  means "Cabalgata". Should you( have been )  be here, and try, and attend to the event. In 6th of January every year almost all habitant in the city, with the kids, small a bigger are gathering in the Carratera Espinel for standby the show, the illusions and live pictures used to come down to the end of the street, turns right to toward to Virgen de la Plaz. Everybody has been armed self with nylon sucks, where to collect candy's should be placed in. That's all. That's the finish of the New Year Celebration's.

Enjoy the show and pictures. Awaiting you here the next year.

We are awaiting you on the next year.